Supporting Private Customers


If you are a private customer (a person or a business) trying to get wines delivered cross-border internationally, we can help you. The wines must be for personal consumption, not for resell.


Even though our business model primarily supports contracted ultra-premium winery clients, we provide services to Private Customers to enable you to enjoy fine California wines around the world. It is our goodwill.


  1. Easy: Buy directly from International-Friendly wineries within the Gliding Eagle Winery Network.
  2. Not Easy: Buy from out-of-network wineries. It costs more and will be slower for you and Gliding Eagle to process orders.
  3. Customer Service: Priority 3. Self and email support only. Phone support is unavailable for private customers at this time. After checking Knowledge Base, if you still have questions, please email us and expect a response within 4 business days, and longer during the busy season (Sept-Dec). Your patience is paramount.

Easy: In-Network Process

We suggest you buy wines within Gliding Eagle Winery Network for two unique benefits:
  1. Frictionless user experience. We have trained the winery staff to be International Friendly to process your order and get wines to us. You don't have to worry.
  2. Cost less. You will save ~10% on California sales tax. Really?

Please contact or visit wineries within Gliding Eagle Winery Network to make a purchase. Tell them Gliding Eagle refers you, so the winery staff will process the order and arrange for wines to be delivered to our facilities. We will work with the winery staff directly to take care of your order on your behave.

Not Easy: Out-of-Network Process

If the wines you desire are not from one of the wineries in our network, there are two options.

(A) Recommended: You request the winey to join our network. It will make both your and our lives much easier.

(B) Cost more and slower. Please be patient.

  1. Buy the wines from the winery and pay an extra ~10% on California sales tax. 
  2. Use our Intl DTC App (Guest mode) to order, pay, and upload all receipts/invoices.
  3. Arrange wine to be delivered to our facilities with longer support lead times before ship-out. Pick-up is available in Napa & Sonoma areas for an additional $80 per trip. Please note that we need the required info to arrange a pick-up. 

Starting 2023, private customers will pay a surcharge in addition to the standard service fee to cover our extra efforts on working with out-of-network wineries.

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