What is Your Return and Refund Policy?

We have been helping over 500 wineries and thousands of consumers around the world. Our breakage rate is 0.17%, about 1 bottle broken or lost for every 1,000 bottles. As you can tell, customers rarely contact us regarding refunds. 

We take pride in what we do and we care about our customer's satisfaction with our services. In rare cases, when you encounter return and refund situations, we are happy to assist in these scenarios.

(A) To Cancel an Order Before Dispatch

Before, during, and after receiving the wine in our facility, we will communicate with involved parties (winery, sender, and recipient) to see if they want to proceed with the order. If you wish to cancel your order before it has been dispatched, you can notify us. You may pick up a canceled order from our facility or request a return shipment to you at your expense. If a payment is already collected, we gladly refund a full amount to the original payment method, such as a credit card. All sales are final once you confirm to proceed with the order and the shipment was already dispatched.

(B) To Change an Address

It is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate shipping address upon placing an order. We send you a notification about address confirmation. Please check the email and contact us immediately within 24 hours. Shipment is already in transit, and you may want to change an address. In that case, be sure to get in touch with us immediately. It may be possible for us to reroute it for you, but not guaranteed. 

(C) To Retrieve a Shipment

  • If you wish to retrieve a shipment back to our facility after it was already shipped out, we can arrange this at your expense. It costs a $150 fee per package to be returned. Please note that we cannot retrieve shipments from Germany due to local regulations. 
  • For gifting, at times the package doesn't reach the recipient due to many reasons: incorrect address provided, the recipient refuses to pay the required fees, or refuses to accept the gift. The package will get detained at the customs. Then you, as the sender, can request to retrieve the shipment at your cost. Or we can request to destroy the package at no cost. We will contact you to make the decision before the deadline posed by FedEx. 
  • At times, FedEx or the customs can simply decide to destroy or send back the package before you give them your decision. We will invoice you for the $150 return fee when it is sent back. We must pay FedEx for this returned shipment.

(D) To Refund for Damaged or Lost Wines

We cover full insurance against damages and lost packages. Your wines are very unlikely (0.17% chance) to get damaged or lost during transit. When such an unfortunate rare event happens, we will file an official claim with FedEx to conduct an investigation. This process might take some time. Once the claim is approved, we will make a full refund to your original payment method.

Other considerations

Duties & Taxes & other fees already paid

For those countries where only recipients pay for duties & taxes and other fees (brokerage, sanitation, etc.), we cannot be involved with the refund process. Please directly contact customs and the agency that processed the payment. Of course, we make a full refund of our service fee to you. 

Refund process time

A refund can take anywhere from 5-10 business days from when a refund is issued to the time when the customer actually receives it.

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